Server Info

Players Online: 92

Server Time (ST): 05:32 am
31 March, 2020 (Tuesday)

Current Patch: v2.8
MS Version: v83
Launch Date: 18 March, 2019
Experience Rate: 4x
Meso Rate: 2x
Drop Rate: Custom
Quest Rate: 5x


Welcome to Dream MS!

This is a GMS-like v83 private server which aims to create a challenging yet fun environment with our low rates. No pay-to-win or vote-to-win, so you'll feel assured knowing that your hard work pays off.

By choosing to participate on the Dream MS network, you agree to the Terms of Use.

If you're interested in viewing the up-to-date detailed changelog, click here.


You can choose from Adventurers, Cygnus Knights and Aran.

Skill changes


  • Level 40 Energy Charge stance proc chance increased from 50% to 80%


  • Level 30 Barrage base power increased from 230% to 330%
  • Level 30 Dragon Strike base power increased from 810% to 900%
  • Removed Super Transformation cooldown, requires The Magic Rock to cast
  • Level 30 Demolition base power increased from 400% to 500%
  • Increased Speed Infusion cast range


  • Battleship cooldown reduced from 90s to 75s
  • Implemented 15% damage reduction to Battleship


  • Removed Assassinate's charge mechanic
  • Level 30 Boomerang Step base power increased from 500% to 750%
  • Level 30 Smokescreen duration reduced from 60s to 30s
  • Smokescreen cooldown reduced from 10m to 4m


  • Level 30 Brandish base power increased from 260% to 350%
  • Level 30 Enrage bonus weapon att. increased from 26 to 30


  • Threaten able to be casted on bosses (50% effect)
  • Threaten draws aggro on monsters

White Knight

  • Level 30 Fire/Flame Charge base power increased from 120% to 150%
  • Level 30 Thunder/Lightning Charge base power increased from 120% to 150%
  • Level 30 Ice/Blizzard Charge base power increased from 110% to 140%
  • Charged Blow range increased from 150 to 200


  • Level 30 Divine Charge base power increased from 140% to 150%
  • Level 30 Holy Charge base power increased from 140% to 150%
  • Level 30 Heaven's Hammer CD reduced from 20s to 7s
  • Level 30 Blast base power increased from 550% to 580%

Dragon Knight

  • Level 30 Spear Crusher base power increased from 170% to 200%
  • Level 30 Polearm Crusher base power increased from 170% to 200%

Dark Knight

  • Level 30 Berserk HP threshold increased from 50% to 60%
  • Level 30 Berserk base power increased from 200% to 220%


  • Level 30 Strafe base power increased from 100% to 120%


  • Level 30 Snipe base power increased from 200,000 to 500,000

Bow Master

  • Level 30 Hurricane base power increased from 100% to 110%
  • Level 30 Bow Expert bonus weapon att. increased from 10 to 20

Introducing Ephey

Ephey is our very own server NPC which can be accessed via the MTS button which you can find next to the Cash Shop. 

Ephey gives you access to Essentials shop, Donor shop, Ephey's NX Store, Milestone Rewards and PQ Rewards Shop.

Milestone Rewards

Redeem rewards for certain milestones that you reach!

  Level   Reward
  10   Maple Lover Medal (expires after 7 days)

  Pink Flower Tube (expires after 7 days)
  100x White Potions
  100x Mana Elixirs

  50   Hired Merchant (7 Days)
  70   Two hour 2x EXP coupon
  100   Gachapon Ticket (5)
  120   Circle of Ancient Power Ring (+2 stats)
  150   Piece of Time (10)

Essentials shop

We've moved a lot of game-impacting cash shop items here to move away from vote-to-win. You can purchase these items for mesos. Here you'll find items such as (but not limited to):

  • Gachapon Tickets
  • Megaphones
  • Cider (stackable up to 100)
  • Miu Miu Travelling Merchant
  • Weather Buff Effects
  • VIP Teleport Rocks
  • Scissors of Karma

Donor shop

Want to look cute? You'll be able to spend your donor points (DP) on cosmetics. We currently offer a range of hairstyles and faces, both of which come with a choice of colour!

You'll also be able to find items such as:

  • Random Chair Box
  • Auto Cure Token
  • Premium VIP Teleport Rock
  • Beauty Album

Ephey's NX Store

Custom items will be added here over time which you can purchase for NX.

You can find 500+ imported NX clothing in the cash shop!

No HP Washing

You won't need to worry about HP washing here! It is disabled. We have implemented items obtainable from specific expeditions to overcome the need for HP washing.

  Expedition Reward Rate Stat gain Pass rate Lv 1 Pass rate Lv 2 Pass rate Lv 3 Pass rate Lv 4 Pass rate Lv 5
  Scroll of
  Zakum   50%   0   70%   65%   60%   55%   50%
  Scroll of
  Horntail   100%   2   60%   55%   50%   45%   40%
  100%   2   60%   55%   50%   45%   40%


  Class   HP Gain per
  MP Gain per success
  Warrior   1000   100
  Mage   200   100

  Night Lord

  500   100
  700   100
  Aran   1000   100



Expeditions on this server are registration-based where up to 30 players may join. You may attempt each expedition twice a day with a 20 hour cooldown between runs.

Note: you will not be able to multi-client in expeditions.

Disconnect during a run? Not to worry. You'll be able to reconnect into the expedition (if the run is still on-going and you weren't solo).

The expeditions we currently offer are:

  • Zakum
  • Scarga
  • Krexel
  • Wulin YaoSeng
  • Castellan Toad
  • Crimsonwood Keep PQ
  • Bodyguard A/B + The Boss
  • Horntail
  • Chaos Zakum
  • Chaos Horntail
  • Pink Bean

Be rewarded with Inkwell Coin on completion at each of these events. These coins can be traded in for items through Inkwell in FM.

  Expedition   Coin reward
  Zakum   3
  Scarga   3
  Krexel   3
 Crimsonwood Keep PQ   5
  Castellan Toad   6
  Wulin YaoSeng   6
  Bodyguard A/B + The Boss   6
  Horntail   12
  Chaos Zakum   14
  Chaos Horntail   18
  Pink Bean   30

You'll reach your potential in no time!  Items and cost are subject to change.  

Grinding and Party EXP distribution

Map Ownership

Our improved map ownership system. You will automatically become map owner upon entering a map that isnt currently owned. @mapr is a toggle command that will give you complete control. Only you and your party would be able to deal damage to monsters on the map whilst you are the owner. That means anyone else trying to attack will do no damage! You will remain the owner until you leave the map or are inactive for 4 minutes.


  • Beginners below level 11 and their quests will only gain 1.5x exp to prevent over-leveling. 
  • 2x coupons have been removed from the cash shop.
  • Party exp distribution is 100:20 to discourage selling leeching.
  • Haunted mansion in New Leaf City has a 30% exp reduction to encourage players to grind other maps.
  • Holy symbol has been reworked to become effective with 2 eligible players in the party and increases from there. The more, the merrier! Party members must meet leeching requirements in order to provide the bonus.
  Number of party members   Holy symbol bonus
  1   110%
  2   130%
  3   140%
  4   150%
  5   150%
  6   150%


To be able to leech you will need to be either:

  • (a) within 5 levels of the monster killed (10 levels for bosses) OR
  • (b) within 5 levels of the monster's killer OR
  • (c) within 5 levels of an eligible party member.
  • Example of case (c):
  • Mob: level 100
  • Killer: level 100
  • Party member: level 95
  • Your level: level 90

Area Bosses

We've assigned randomised respawn timers for area bosses so that they can be contested.

  Area Boss   Respawn Time
  Manon   4-6 hours
  Griffey   4-6 hours
  Headless Horseman   4-6 hours
  Anego (Female Boss)   6-8 hours
  Bigfoot   12-15 hours
  Kacchuu   10-12 hours
  Royal Guard Type S   12-16 hours
  Black Crow   22-24 hours
  Left Pianus   22-24 hours
  Right Pianus   34-36 hours


We've implemented a global flat tax rate to stop players from abusing the old system. This is to help with the economy!

  • 2% flat tax fee on hired merchants and shop permits.
  • 3% flat tax fee for all other trades.

Maker skill

Crafting strengthening gems/crystals just got a whole lot more exciting! Players have a chance to gain a gem/crystal of higher tier when crafting their preferred gem/crystal.

Gems: Diamond, Sapphire, Garnet, Opal, Amethyst, Aquamarine, Topaz, Emerald

Crystal: Power, Wisdom, DEX, LUK, Black, Dark

  Tier   Gem
  Raw → Basic   85%   89%
  Raw → Intermediate   10%   9%
  Raw → Advanced   5%   2%
  10 Basic → 9 Basic   10%   10%
  10 Basic → Intermediate   85%   88%
  10 Basic → Advanced   5%   2%
  10 Intermediate →
  9 Intermediate
  10%   65%
  10 Intermediate →
  90%   35%

Party Quest

Below are a list of functioning party quests.

  • Henesys PQ 
  • Kerning PQ
  • Ludi PQ
  • Ludi Maze PQ
  • Monster Carnival 1
  • Monster Carnival 2
  • Pirate PQ
  • Orbis PQ
  • Ellin PQ
  • Romeo & Juliet PQ
  • Amoria PQ
  • Guild PQ

Read about our PQ Points System and progressive exp here:

Player commands

Here are the commands that we offer to players. Use @help if you ever forget!

@time - displays the current server time.

@info - displays NX, DP, PQ Points and hours until you're able to vote.

@map - displays current map owner.

@mapclaim - claim the current map if it is free. You remain map owner until you leave or after 4 minutes of inactivity.

@mapr - Allows you to take control of the map. Only you and your party members will be able to kill monsters. All other players will deal 0 damage. 

@whodrops - shows which mob drops a certain item.

@dropsfrom - displays the drops from a certain monster.

@cd - displays your expedition's cooldown.

@gacha - returns a list of rewards from gachapon.

@miu - opens Miu Miu the Travelling Merchant if you possess it.

@ranks - shows the current rankings of the server.

@str @dex @int @luk - assigns AP into respective stat.

@bosshp - displays the hit points of the boss you are fighting.

@joinevent - moves your character to an active GM event.

@leaveevent - removes your character from an active GM event.

@dispose - command to use in situations where you are unable to talk to an NPC.

@enableauth - forces PIC request for character deletion (request comes automatically every 3 days).