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Server Time (ST): 05:45 am
08 July, 2020 (Wednesday)

Current Patch: v2.9
MS Version: v83
Launch Date: 18 March, 2019
Experience Rate: 4x
Meso Rate: 2x
Drop Rate: Custom
Quest Rate: 5x

[Patch] v2.4 Shaolin Temple | Posted by Dream on 30.07

Version 2.4

Introducing two new regions to the server! Shanghai and Shaolin Temple is now available for players to explore. 

- To patch, simply run the Launcher within your Maplestory/DreamMS folder.

Some changes in this update include:

  • New region: China - Shanghai
  • New region: Eastern China - Lushan Town, Shaolin Temple
  • New expedition: Wulin YaoSeng
  • New expedition: Chaos Zakum
  • Scroll of Eternal Life added to Horntail (provides HP, MP and stats)
  • Chaos Zakum's Ruby added to Chaos Zakum

To read more on the patch, visit

To view all changes, visit

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