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Players Online: 25

Server Time (ST): 03:05 am
05 August, 2020 (Wednesday)

Current Patch: v2.9
MS Version: v83
Launch Date: 18 March, 2019
Experience Rate: 4x
Meso Rate: 2x
Drop Rate: Custom
Quest Rate: 5x

[Launch] We're finishing up on Beta! | Posted by Dream on 11.03

Welcome to Dream MS!


Thank you to those who have given their time to assist me during the alpha stage. There will be a full wipe after beta. What started off as a side project has turned into something I've decided to put more hours into. The features of this server are based off my experience in previous servers and also suggestions from different players. It's sad to see servers die, especially the ones you really enjoyed. So here at Dream MS I'll be looking to continuously work with the players to provide a fun yet challenging environment. Don't be shy to post your suggestions!

Server rates will be 4x EXP, 2x Mesos, 2x Drop.

Beta rates: 20x EXP and free access to donor shop.

Expected server launch: 18 March ~11am (GMT +11)

Beta Testers

How can our beta testers leave empty handed? 

For those who have reached level 120, they will be able to have their IGN reserved and be given a Random Chair Box.

For those who go the extra mile (on top of reaching level 120) and vote at least 10 times for us will receive a special ring as a reminder of our appreciation. This ring provides the player with +2 stats and is permanent!

Note: You can vote once every 8 hours. Vote abusers will be permanently banned.


The server will run on a GMS-like v83 source. Featured jobs are Adventurers, Cygnus Knights and Aran. Below are some features that we have to offer. Note that some rewards/cost are subject to change.

There will be no nerfs to skills, although there may be buffs to neglected jobs. In future, there may be bosses and maps imported from higher versions to provide more content.

Skill changes

For too long, these jobs have been neglected. Here are some minor skill buffs to hopefully present the meta with some new faces.


  • Level 30 Barrage base power increased from 230% to 280%
  • Level 30 Dragon Strike base power increased from 810% to 850%
  • Level 30 Super Transformation CD reduced from 360s to 240s


  • Level 30 Assassinate base power increased from 600% to 700%
  • Level 30 Assassinate charge time reduced from 4s to 3s
  • Level 30 Boomerang Step base power increased from 500% to 750%


  • Level 30 Divine Charge base power increased from 140% to 150%
  • Level 30 Holy Charge base power increased from 140% to 150%
  • Level 30 Heaven's Hammer CD reduced from 20s to 7s


Tired of grinding the same maps in every server? We'll be constantly monitoring the meta and making changes as we go!

Our improved map ownership system. You will automatically become map owner upon entering a map that isnt currently owned. @mapr is a toggle command that will give you complete control. Only you and your party would be able to deal damage to monsters on the map whilst you are the owner. That means anyone else trying to attack will do no damage! You will remain the owner until you leave the map or are inactive for 4 minutes.

  • All beginners and their quests will only gain x1.5 exp to prevent over-leveling. 
  • x2 coupons have been removed from the cash shop.
  • Party exp distribution is 80:20 to discourage selling leeching.
  • Holy symbol has been reworked to become effective with 3 players in the party and increases from there. The more, the merrier!
  • Haunted mansion in New Leaf City has a 30% exp reduction to encourage players to grind other maps.
  • 2% flat tax fee on hired merchants and player shops.
  • 3% flat tax fee for all other trades.

The MTS (Maple Trade System) button that you find on your interface will give you access to our server NPC.

  • Here you'll be able to access the 'Essentials Shop' where items can be bought for mesos. Certain items such as gachapon tickets, Scissors of Karma, Weather effects and Miu Miu can be found here.
  • Donor shop with access to cosmetics and chairs.
  • Be rewarded for certain milestone you achieve!
Level Reward
10 Maple Lover Medal (expires after 7 days)

Pink Flower Tube (expires after 7 days)
100x White Potions
100x Mana Elixirs

70 One hour x2 EXP coupon
120 Circle of Ancient Power (+2 stats)


Note: Players that have obtained a ring from Beta will not recieve the Circle of Ancient Power ring.

You won't need to worry about HP washing here! On every Zakum run, you will have the chance to receive a Scroll of Tenacity which can be passed up to 5 times. These scrolls have a chance to pass.

Class HP Gain per success MP Gain per success
Warrior 1000 100
Mage 200 100
Archer/Night Lord 500 100
Bucc/Shadower 700 100
Aran 1000 100



Expeditions on this server are registration-based where up to 30 players may join. You may attempt each expedition twice a day with a 20 hour cooldown between runs.

Note: you will not be able to multi-client in expeditions.

Disconnect during a run? Not to worry. You'll be able to reconnect into the expedition (if the run is still on-going and you weren't solo).

The expeditions we currently offer are:

  • Zakum
  • Crimsonwood Keep PQ
  • Bodyguard A/B + The Boss
  • Scarga
  • Horntail
  • Pink Bean

Be rewarded with Inkwell Coin on completion at each of these events. These coins can be traded in for items through Inkwell in FM (Also tradeable amongst players).

You'll reach your potential in no time!  Items and cost are subject to change.  

Player commands

Here are the commands that we offer to players. Use @help if you ever forget!

@time - displays the current server time.

@map - displays current map owner.

@mapclaim - claim the current map if it is free. You remain map owner until you leave or after 4 minutes of inactivity.

@mapr - Allows you to take control of the map. Only you and your party members will be able to kill monsters. All other players will deal 0 damage. 

@whodrops - shows which mob drops a certain item.

@dropsfrom - displays the drops from a certain monster.

@ranks - shows the current rankings of the server.

@str @dex @int @luk - assigns AP into respective stat.

@bosshp - displays the hit points of the boss you are fighting.

@dispose - command to use in situations where you are unable to talk to an NPC.

Join the community and help us find bugs! Server rates will be x20 until launch. We look forward to having you~


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