Server Info

Players Online: 26

Server Time (ST): 03:14 am
05 August, 2020 (Wednesday)

Current Patch: v2.9
MS Version: v83
Launch Date: 18 March, 2019
Experience Rate: 4x
Meso Rate: 2x
Drop Rate: Custom
Quest Rate: 5x

Terms of Use

Terms of Use v1.7 (Last updated 1 November 2019)

Upon registering an account with Dream MS, you agree to abide by the following terms and any future modifications to it.

1.0 General rules

1.1 Discrimination, Harassment, Bullying

Users are expected to treat all players and staff with respect. No player should be subject to unequal treatment on the basis of their race, religion, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, and/or age. Any form of toxic behaviour will not be tolerated. 

Punishment: Temporary to permanent ban. Review on a case-to-case basis.

1.1.1 Disrespect, Defamation towards Staff Members

Users should treat Staff Members with the respect that they deserve while playing on the Dream MS network. Any form of defamation which degrades a staff member's image and/or reputation will not be tolerated. 

Punishment: Permanent ban.

1.2 Staff Impersonation

Under no circumstances can a player pretend to be or speak on behalf of the staff team. This includes spreading of false information regarding server features and its development.

Punishment: Permanent ban.

1.3 Advertising

Refers to the advertisment of other private servers through the Dream MS network. This includes in-game, discord and forums.

Punishment: Permanent ban.

1.4 Voting

  • Players are allowed to vote up to THREE (3) times per account each day. Voting resets at 11am Server Time each day.
  • You must successfully complete the CAPTCHA on GTOP in order to be rewarded.
  • You must vote on a different device AND internet connection in order for multiple votes to count. Example: PC & home WIFI, mobile phone & cellular data

1.5 Ban Appeals

All users have the right to appeal their ban. Although once the appeal is formally denied, the user loses their right to lodge subsequent ban appeals.

Furthermore, if a player fails to respond within 7 days, the application is formally denied.

2.0 Game rules

2.1 Multi-client

Multi-clienting is allowed on Dream MS. Although expeditions will refuse entry for multi-clients.

2.2 Account sharing

Account sharing is permitted at the player's own risk. If a player is banned with connection to a shared account, then the shared account will also be banned.

The player understands the risks involved in account sharing, therefore cannot request for retrieval of items and/or mesos if another player obtains them.

Characters level 170 and above will be subject to removal of rank status. Should a user wish to regain this status, the user must agree to have their level reset to 170 (this includes the reversal of AP and SP points applied).

2.3 Hacking, Packet Injection

Hacking of any kind is strictly forbidden on this server.

Punishment: Permanent ban.

2.3.1 Botting, Keyweighting, Macros

Botting, macros and any similar third-party programs are strictly forbidden. Keyweighting refers to the placement of an object on a button(s) so that your character can perform skill(s). 

Punishment: Permanent ban.

2.4 WZ editing

Any form of WZ editing which gives the user any kind of advantage falls under the category of 2.3. Cosmetic WZ edits are permitted.

2.5 Bug Exploits

Players are expected to immediately report any game-breaking bugs to the staff team. Any player found to abuse these exploits will be subject to punishment.

Punishment: Temporary to permanent ban.

2.6 Map Ownership

The map ownership system allows for players to take control of a map and not allow others to attack. Players that make use of this feature and not be able to kill the monsters inside due to lack of level and/or damage, will be deemed as toxic behaviour. This includes forcefully refusing others access to area boss maps eg. Anego, Manon, Bigfoot.

Punishment: Temporary to permanent ban.

2.7 Scamming, false bidding

Players taking part in a current/possible transaction are to do so with honesty. Any verbal agreement relating to the transaction of items and/or mesos must be actioned. Eg. the agreement to trade over mesos after one player has gifted the other a cash shop item.

False bidding to give yourself, the seller or another buyer an advantage is forbidden.

Punishment: Temporay to permanent ban.

2.8 Donations

By donating, we assume that all of the information you provide is rightfully yours. All donations are final upon being processed. The user agrees to not claim for a refund. This includes chargeback claims via PayPal and will result in a permanent ban. You may spend your DP in game for non-game impacting items such as cosmetics, chairs and other various items. The DP shop can be accessed via the Maple Trade System (MTS) button.

Furthermore, you are not entitled to a refund should you be banned for any reason.

2.9 Rollbacks

In the case of a server deadlock or unexpected crash, the user understands that they are not entitled to any form of compensation. Our developers are working hard to provide a stable and smooth experience for everyone. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

3.0 Real Money Trading (RMT)

RMT refers to any transaction between players involving real money in exchange for in-game items, mesos, donor points and/or NX. Players are strictly prohibtited to engage in such activities.

Punishment:  Permanent ban.

Any toxic, inapproriate or unfair behaviour that is not covered above may still be subject to punishment.