A challenging yet fun experience.


About Dream MS

This is a GMS-like v83 private server which aims to create a challenging yet fun environment with our low rates.

No pay-to-win or vote-to-win, so you'll feel assured knowing that your hard work pays off.

Server Information

MS Version: 83
Experience Rate: 4x
Meso Rate: 2x
Drop Rate: Custom

Launched: 18 March, 2019

Server Time (ST): 02:20 am
24 September, 2020 (Thursday)

Character Spotlight

35  Sonic

Lv. 217

  • Job: Marksman
  • Level: 217
  • Exp: 1,179,341,360
  • Fame: 74
  • Guild: Legacy
  • Alliance: Unbroken
  • Partner: Stevie
  • Family Leader: xShadow21215
  • Play Time: N/A
  • DPM: 24,908,367
  • Deaths: N/A
  • Omok Wins: 1/6
  • Monster Book: N/A
  • Zakum Kills: N/A
  • Horntail Kills: N/A
  • Chaos Zakum Kills: N/A
  • Chaos Horntail Kills: N/A
  • Pink Bean Kills: N/A


    1. Make an empty folder on your desktop.
    2. Navigate to Windows Security and open Virus & Threat Protection settings.
    3. Scroll down and locate "Exclusions".
    4. Click "Add or remove Exclusions".
    5. Click "Add an Exclusion" and navigate to the newly created folder.
    6. Target your download to the excluded folder.
    7. We recommend using WinRar or WinZip to extract the downloaded file.

    • Adventurers
    • Aran
    • Cygnus Knights

    Players can reach level 250 on all classes except Cygnus Knights which are capped at 120.

    • The party exp distribution is 100:20 for a party of 2.
    • Leeching is allowed, although players will find that grinding will net considerably more exp.
    • We offer a 'Party Play Bonus' system aimed to promote party play - where attackers receive an extra 30% exp if there are 2 or more attackers in the party.

    • HP Washing is disabled on our server.
    • Several bosses reward players with 'Strengthening Scrolls' which are consumed to provide players with enough HP to progress.
    • Explore the Maple World and collect Monster Cards to level up your 'Everchanging Ring' which provide a variety of stats.

  • Apart from the classic regions that v83 GMS MapleStory has to offer, we have imported the following to expand our content.

    • Ulu City
    • Ninja Castle
    • Shanghai
    • Shaolin Temple
    • Neo City: Year 2227
    • Henesys Ruins
    • Dark Ereve
    • Knight Stronghold

  • We offer a range of resolutions which can be configured in Dream.ini among other settings.

    • 800x600
    • 1024x768
    • 1280x720
    • 1600x900

    • Run DreamMS Patcher.exe and it will do the work for you! You only need to do this when instructed to after an update.
    • Our Patcher was developed to only make the necessary edits to your game files - this means patches are generally small in size, making the patching process seemless.